Why is Atomation outpacing the competition?

One of the questions we regularly get on sales calls is what makes Atomation different from our competitors. There are several reasons - some obvious and some less so -that have established Atomation as an innovator in the IoT space. 

We focus on what you need to know. 

Atoms know what normal looks like and tell you when something is wrong. Exception-based alerts are the cornerstone of the platform. Rather than capturing volumes of data that serve little purpose in most operations, Atoms look for the problems that require immediate attention.

  • Bearing temp outside of normal? 
  • Vibration signature changing?
  • Impact detected?
  • Equipment tilting?

These critical issues determine whether a facility will be in operation on any given day. By focusing on identifying problems with threshold-based alerts, our users get only what they need to know and when they need to know it. 

A Single Atom Contains Multiple Sensors.

This may not seem like a big deal until our users try to install multiple sensors on the same device. Both the R-1 and the stand-alone Atoms have onboard sensors that measure impact, vibration, temperature, tilt, and EMF in a single Atom. This versatility gives our users the opportunity to monitor multiple critical performance indicators using a single device. 

Installation takes minutes. 

Yes, it really does. Atoms install with zip ties, magnets, screws, bands, epoxy...the list continues. Sometimes the most challenging part of an installation is physically getting to the location where the Atom needs to be placed!

Because all Atom settings can be updated either via the app or our online dashboard, Atoms can be configured in the field on the fly, set up before they are shipped, and updated over the air. 

Setup is Changeable. 

Need to move an Atom to a different location? Turn a sensor on or off? Change the thresholds? Change who receives the alerts? The flexibility of the Atomation platform really surfaces for our users after they've completed their initial installation. Because so many pieces of equipment in the field have limited or no monitoring, Atoms deliver the first pieces of information they've ever been able to capture. And, since new data can change how facilities operate, Atoms may need to be moved, thresholds changed, sensors added or deleted - and users can make all these changes to support their operational needs. 

No customer infrastructure or network is required. 

Most Atomation products are fully wireless. We use batteries to power the Atoms, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to connect AT-Cs and AT-Rs to Gateways and Cat M1 cellular to upload data to the online dashboard. This means no endpoints on your network, no hard-wiring, no WIFI requirement and no power source needed. This is also central to why installation is so simple. Once the Atom is attached to the equipment and (if necessary), connected to the Gateway, the system is fully functional. 

We deliver ROI. 

In a recent installation at an aggregate facility, Atoms identified a significant temperature increase on a bearing. The alert directed the maintenance team to the possible issue, gave them an opportunity to shut the equipment down before a major failure, make a repair and then restart operations. The operator estimated this saved several hours if not days of downtime. The cost to instrument critical equipment for the year is less than 4 hours of lost productivity. One alert may mean the difference between profit or loss for the month or the year for many of our customers. 

Ready to see if Atomation is the right solution for you? Schedule a no-obligation demo and let's discuss how Atomation can help you meet and exceed your operational targets this year. 


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