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Atomation delivers the information our customers need to manage their operations! 

Delivering Value

Alerts about equipment failure or machines that are operating outside of normal are one of the ways that Atomation shows immediate value for our customers.  Once customers see how easy the platform is to use and how affordable the solution is, additional value comes from the data now available to operations and management teams. Lastly, Atomation is able to provide a clear return on investment, preventing outages and downtime while giving teams the tools they need to maximize production. Read today's blog post with real examples from the field of Atoms delivering value to an aggregate facility in the southern United States. 

The Value of the Alert

Plant and Operational Managers tasked with overall profitability need to keep equipment up and running. Data about overall machine performance can be helpful but the key is knowing when a problem is on the horizon. This type of alert-based monitoring is where Atomation excels. 

Take a recent example of a bearing monitored by the AT-R1.0 connected to an Atomation Gateway in an aggregate operation. The AT-R1.0 was installed in an elevator with a magnet on the highest bearing in the facility - in an elevator shaft at the very top of the lift elevator - and on the bearing on the drive side pillow bearing. The longest part of the installation was the hike up all the stairs to the top of the elevator! The AT-R1.0 monitors temperature and vibration on this critical bearing. This bearing is also the least likely to be regularly scanned for temperature anomalies with temperature guns as it is difficult to reach, resulting in possible maintenance gaps. 

The graph below shows bearing temperature. Note the peak temperature captured on 9/21/22. 



The Atom captured the temperature above the threshold and sent an alert to the Operations team. Operation was halted and lubricant was added to the bearing, resulting in a decrease in temperature. Downtime and equipment failure were both avoided and normal operation resumed after the bearing temperature returned to normal levels. 

The Value of the Data

Another key reason Atoms work for the aggregate industry is because the dashboard delivers real value for our customers. Users are able to clearly identify run-time gaps on equipment or lines. Users can also see typical machine behavior and identify when anomalies occur. Improve shift productivity while monitoring equipment for potential problems. 

vibration graph


The graph above shows the vibration of a machine over two weeks of use. Troughs in vibration indicate periods of inactivity, including weekends. Shifts earlier in the week show reduced run time when compared to shifts later in the week. The peaks above the threshold were evaluated by the Maintenance team and the threshold was increased slightly to account for a higher vibration that still fell within normal parameters.

The graph below, available for all devices, provides an approximate run-time analysis based on vibration for monitored equipment. Using vibration as a proxy for run-time, the platform identifies when equipment is active, idle, or off. Our previous post from another customer shows a great analysis of shift performance created using the Atomation platform. 


usage graph

The Value of the Solution

How much does prevention of an outage save an organization? In a few recent customer examples, Atomation has saved anywhere from $10,000 to $50,000, depending on the equipment and the problem identified. 

  • One hour of operation = $35,000 in lost production of sellable goods + incurred labor costs + potential equipment replacement costs
  • The cost of Atoms to monitor five pieces of equipment per year: $1150

One prevented hour of downtime pays for the platform for the 3-year life of the Atoms.


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