Atomation Saves: Bearing Costs for an ICL Conveyor Belt

Installed Atoms: Gateways and Atoms with Temperature Sensors

At ICL Group, a global specialty minerals company headquartered in Israel, Atoms are currently used in multiple locations. Our most recent save occurred on a critical conveyor belt. Atoms have been in use for a few weeks with ICL and for most of that time, bearings have operated consistently. Atoms were installed on conveyor motors to identify temperature changes which signal potential issues with bearings. Routine maintenance has kept the conveyor line running and Atoms have simply reported that temperature readings have remained within normal parameters.

Temperature Bearing Monitoring Atom Installed on ICL Conveyor

Atom AT-R1 with pt-100 temperature external sensor installed at the bearing lubrication hole.

However, in late January, the team noticed a temperature increase when they reviewed the dashboard and the Atomate it! app. Bearing temperature on one of the motors exceeded typical operating temperatures by more than 12 degrees above the norm.  

The maintenance manager sent a team to lubricate the bearing and check the screws. After lubrication, the recorded temperature returned to normal.


Graph Showing Increased Bearing Temperature on Motor

 Front and back bearings temp spike from Atomation’s analytics dashboard. 

Maor Chohen, ICL’s supervisor, stated:

"The Atomation solution is a simple installation with no wires or communication integration needed. We have been able to monitor bearings on our conveyor lines and get alerts when problems are identified. This lets us quickly respond and lubricate the bearings which has prevented downtime on the line.”


Atom installed on ICL Conveyor

While threshold-based alerts are a critical component of the Atomation platform, regular review of the data in the dashboard also proves to be valuable. We serve our customers the information they need to know, when they need to know it, preventing critical equipment failure and downtime. The analytics reports do not require any manual data entry from our customers, presenting what the Atoms recorded. This latest save is an excellent example of Atoms in action.

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