Atomation Saves: Vertical Lift Elevator Bearings

Installed devices: Gateway and 4 AT-R1.0 Atoms

Atoms were placed on the bearings on the left and right sides at the top and bottom of the vertical lift elevator shaft. Atoms were installed on these bearings because they are difficult to monitor, require a long climb up several ladders, and are located in an area where the temperature regularly exceeds 130 degrees. These bearings can be skipped during normal maintenance because they are so difficult to access. 


Atoms in Lift Elevators


The installation set-up included Atoms deployed with thresholds set for vibration and temperature. 

Shortly after deployment, Atoms located on the bearing at the top of the shaft began sending high-vibration alerts. Note the vibration readings at 3.0 or higher in the red circle in the chart vs. regular vibration in the normal operating range of 1.25 - 2 g. 


The team responded and discovered that the drive belt pulley had come loose. The team was able to shut down the line and make repairs. 

After discussing the event with the customer, they estimated savings of over $50,000 in replacement equipment or possible repair costs along with line downtime. This installation more than made up for the cost of the Atoms!


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