Vertical Lift Elevator Bearing

The latest Atomation Save comes from an aggregate facility in Georgia. 

Atoms in use: AT-R1.0 and a Gateway

This customer placed Atoms on the bearings of a vertical lift elevator. The elevator is fed by an 8’ diameter tube roughly 50’ long that is used as a material dryer. The dryer reduces the % humidity of the product before it is dumped into a hopper that is then lifted by the elevator. 

At 4:30 am, the temperature alert on the bearing signaled that the operating temperature in the elevator had exceeded the threshold. 

Graph Showing Temperature Increase on Bearing

Work was halted and the customer was able to determine that the operator was dumping too much material into the dryer, causing the bearing to work harder than it should and putting significant extra strain on the lift elevator. Both the bearing and the overall temperature in the elevator had increased by ~40 degrees above normal, triggering the alert.

This early warning prevented the failure of the bearings on the lift elevators resulting in savings of a minimum of $20K. Had the motors actually failed due to excessive temperature and overuse, the cost to the quarry would have been even higher - both in equipment replacement costs and downtime. 

We love to see these Atomation Saves come in! What can we “save” for you at your facility?

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