The Power of Simple, Scaled

“What are we?”

Someone on my team asked me this question recently, and I keep turning it over in my mind. Of course, I have an elevator pitch I could recite, but at our core, who and what is Atomation?

The best way to answer that question is to start with the “why” behind our approach. 

The Problem

Traditional SCADA and Industrial Control Systems are geared towards solving difficult problems with great precision, and they often involve hard-wiring complex sensors or building out a data-intensive, centralized monitoring system. While that level of precision is sometimes necessary, these solutions are usually too costly and unwieldy to scale.

Imagine putting out a candle with an expensive firehose. It’ll do the job, but it’s overkill and over-budget. If you have 100 candles at 100 different locations, you’re probably not interested in installing 10,000 hoses.

Because of this limited way of thinking, many companies with simple, yet widespread problems are trapped between two unsavory options:

  1. Invest heavily into a complex and costly equipment monitoring system.
  2. Slap a temporary bandaid on the problem and leave the rest for another day.

Sometimes a lighter touch is all you need.

The Solution

Here at Atomation, we don’t try to do everything, be everything, or track everything. 

Our process begins with deconstructing difficult problems and then searching for the simplest solution. Our Atoms use the most common types of inputs—temperature, vibration, tilt, impact, and electromagnetic field. That data is used to determine the answer to binary questions—good/bad, on/off, up/down—which is then communicated back to the customer without building out any infrastructure.  

We recognize that there are other solutions on the market that are more industry-specific, have more detailed analytics, or use more powerful sensors. Instead of trying to do all of these things, our Atoms provide precisely the information that you need, when you need it. No more and no less.

In other words, we provide customers the power to solve large-scale problems in a simplified, affordable, and effective manner.

The Power of Simple, Scaled.


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