Atomation Saves: Raw Water Pump Room

Another Atomation customer (we've talked about them before!) identified a critical failure during a recent cold snap.

Installed Atoms: Gateway and 3 AT-R1.0 Atoms

Much of the infrastructure in the south is not built to withstand temperatures that drop below freezing for any amount of time.  The Atoms that previously picked up a stick pulled into an intake valve also detected a significant event critical to the Operations team.

Graph Showing Low Temperature Captured by Atomation Sensors


While the Atoms were installed to primarily monitor bearing temperature, the team also set an alert to identify if the temperature dropped below freezing. Alerts were sent when temperatures dropped below the threshold limit, maintenance dispatched a team and discovered that the auxiliary heater in the Raw Water Pump House was not running. The heater had simply run out of fuel. 

Frost had formed on the floor (we wish we had a picture!) and pipes were in danger of freezing. The heater was refilled and restarted, bringing the pump room back to the correct temperature to prevent freezing. 

Had the pipes frozen in the pump house, thousands of customers would have been without water. Talk about a save with far-reaching impact!

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