Product Update - February 2022

As we move further into 2022, the Atomation platform continues to evolve to support our customers. We've completed updates to support top customer requests and executed some additional product enhancements that we'd like to share with you. 

Supporting 3 New External Sensors

  • Distance: measure up to 40 meters using an IR distance sensor for use cases such as bin level inventory in silos
  • CT: measure the current amperage of electrical wires for use cases including transformers and electrical motors
  • 4-20 (Ma): unified connector supporting up to four different 4-20 outputs. This lets us connect to existing control panel sensors or machines sending 4-20 signals and capture this data in the Atomation cloud.  

Dashboard Updates

It's all about location!

  • Atoms now provide GPS location within 1 meter of the device in the field. Locations in the dashboard also support a map view and a satellite view of the Atom (or Gateway) location.
  • Text message alerts now also deliver the location - simply click the link in the text message to view the Atom location in Google maps. 

Dashboard Map Image

Alerts and Notifications

  • Text message and email alerts now contain additional event-specific information to help users understand more of what's happening at the Atom level. For example, alerts from a unit will send a single message with a link to the dashboard showing all of the alerts captured by Atoms associated to that unit. 
  • Text messages now summarize events occurring at the same time, giving users a quick snapshot of all events. 
  • Additional country codes have been added to support Mexico and South American countries as our international distribution grows. 

API and Reporting

  • The events report now automatically updates every 15 seconds. 
  • There were some improvements to the API: access to request APIs for the reading report of the device are now available along with configuration updates and device location calls. 

More Cellular Network Providers

  • One of the key benefits of the Atomation solution is that we use cellular to communicate to the cloud. Continuing to expand our network providers is central to our customer support efforts. Along with partners like Anterix, which offers a private LTE, Atomation is now supporting more network providers than ever before! 

We'll continue to publish product updates in the coming weeks in the blog as part of our commitment to our customers. New features on the horizon include multi-threshold settings with multiple alerts, new alert features, and more graphs and analytics!


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